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Musical Theatre Workshops

10th August 2024


Age 7-11

10th August 2024


Age 12-18

We're delighted to bring back our Musical Theatre Workshops this year, where children and young adults will perform as part of our show 'Wight at the Musicals' on Saturday 10th August.

The aim of these workshops is to inspire the next generation of budding young performers, by transporting them into the world of musical theatre. Those involved will learn a song (from the West End) during the workshop, which will involve singing and movement. They will then perform the song later that day at 'Wight at the Musicals', as part of the Wight Proms festival.

The workshops are on the same day as the performance, and parents are welcome to pick up their children at 6.45pm after they have performed, or children can join their parents in the audience if they are attending the "Wight at the Musicals" concert.


Please note: the children attending the workshops can have free entry to watch the concert after their performance, if their guardian or parent is in attendance and has tickets to the concert, regardless of age. You can buy tickets for "Wight at the Musicals" by clicking here.

Schedule - Saturday 10th August 2024

  • 10:00-13:00 Age 7-11 Workshop

  • 11:30-14:30 Age 12-18 Workshop

  • 18:30 Performance on Main Stage at Wight Proms "Wight at the Musicals'

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