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Free Arts Workshops

We're delighted to be offering an exciting line-up of free arts workshops for people of all ages. This will give over 500 people fully-immersive involvement in the arts in ways that they would not otherwise ever experience. Through these workshops, 60 kids will perform as part of our show 'Wight at the Musicals' on the Saturday night. Also, our associated charity Independent Arts will have a presence throughout the festival, so you can find out more about the incredible work they do.


Please be mindful that if you book a place and do not attend a workshop session, you have taken the opportunity away from someone else. We therefore ask that you only book if you can guarantee that the ticket will be used, as there is high demand and only a limited number of places available.

Creating Opportunities for

Children to Experience the Arts

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Drumming & Percussion Workshops

29 Aug 12:00-13:00


29 Aug 14:00-15:00


29 Aug 15:15-16:15


sponsored by Gurit

Boomwhackers & Bamboo Tamboo

Explore whole group composition with upbeat Caribbean rhythms to get your hands & feet moving!

STOMP-style Body Percussion

Who knew you could make so many sounds just by hitting yourself! Following fun rhythmic warms ups, you will incorporate participants’ own ideas to create a brand-new body percussion routine!

Samba Drumming

Create the spirit of Rio in Cowes! You'll learn a number of fun, energetic rhythms on authentic Brazilian percussion instruments.

29 Aug 16:30-17:30


29 Aug 17:45-18:45


sponsored by WightFibre

The aim of this workshop is to inspire the next generation of budding young performers, by transporting them into the world of musical theatre. Those involved will learn a song (from the West End) during this workshop, which will involve singing and movement. They will then perform the song at 'Wight at the Musicals' on Saturday 31st August amongst West End stars, as part of the Wight Proms.

Workshop 7x5.jpg

30 Aug 14:00-17:00


Musical Theatre Workshops

30 Aug 10:00-13:00

Comedy Workshops

30 Aug 15:30-16:15

30 Aug 16:15-17:00

In association with school of comedy

Exploring improvisation and character role play through comedy. We focus on encouraging all the children to have the confidence through playing and performing in front of their peers without them knowing they’ve done so. Covering stand up, sketch and character comedy.  We encourage all the children to try their hand at their best bits, fuelling them with a confidence that spills over into their everyday life. The key here is learning through laughter.

Opera Workshops

30 Aug 11:00-12:30

30 Aug 13:30-15:00


In association with opera holland park

It is well-known that families with young children face barriers to visiting the theatre for fear of disturbing the show with crying, fidgeting and agitation from your little ones. Workshops will include multi-sensory activities, group singing and music based around Opera Holland Park productions, which will provide a safe and nurturing space at the theatre in which parents can explore opera together with their children and enjoy a creative and musical day out. Breastfeeding mums are welcome, as are grandparents!

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